Do You Have A College Commuter In Your Household? 5 Tips For Safer Winter Commuting

As the cost of a college degree continues to rise, finding a way to save money on this important need is the goal for many American families. Since attending an in-state school is one of the best ways to shave a significant amount off the tuition bill, many families are encouraging their college-age kids to remain at home and commute to a nearby campus, or to consider a combination of local campus-based and online courses. [Read More]

3 Gift Ideas Your Newly-Driving Teen Is Sure To Appreciate

Now that your teen is ready to start driving, you may want to surprise them with a birthday or graduation gift that helps enhance their overall driving experience. Following are a few interesting gift ideas to consider surprising your newly-driving teen. 1. A New Backup Camera System More than 15,000 injuries are estimated to occur each year due to backup accidents, so it makes sense to gift your newly driving teen with a backup camera that they can install in their car. [Read More]