3 Gift Ideas Your Newly-Driving Teen Is Sure To Appreciate

Now that your teen is ready to start driving, you may want to surprise them with a birthday or graduation gift that helps enhance their overall driving experience. Following are a few interesting gift ideas to consider surprising your newly-driving teen.

1. A New Backup Camera System

More than 15,000 injuries are estimated to occur each year due to backup accidents, so it makes sense to gift your newly driving teen with a backup camera that they can install in their car. Your teen will look at the gift as a cool new high-tech device, but it's really a life-saving device. With a backup camera installed, your teen will be able to clearly see what's behind them when they back out of a parking spot or from behind a building, potentially saving the life of a child or animal.

2. A Fuel Purchasing Account

Teens tend to drive a lot as they get used to the activity and accommodate the travel needs of themselves and their friends, so gas is something they'll likely need a lot of as a new driver. A great gift you can surprise your newly-driving teen with is a fuel purchasing account at a local gas station that you prefer frequenting. By setting them up with a fuel purchasing account, they'll have access to a debit card that allows them to fill up on gas anytime there is money on the card.

Start by loading the purchasing account with some credit to get them started, and feel free to contribute to their spending account as time goes on. Your teen can add to their account whenever they want too while taking advantage of discounts and savings that their purchasing account offers.

3. A Roadside Assistance Gift Certificate

One of the most important and valuable gifts you can surprise your newly-driving teen with is a roadside assistance gift certificate. Even if your teen is a member of a roadside assistance plan of some kind, chances are that they don't have all the coverage they need as a new driver. Thanks to things like gas, tire changing, and towing limits, your teen might find themselves stuck on the side of the road even with a comprehensive roadside assistance plan in place.

With a roadside assistance gift certificate in hand, they can supplement their towing services if they break down further away from home than their roadside assistance plan will cover. And if they don't have any roadside assistance coverage, their gift certificate can help them get off the side of the road without having to worry about having cash available.

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