Do You Have A College Commuter In Your Household? 5 Tips For Safer Winter Commuting

As the cost of a college degree continues to rise, finding a way to save money on this important need is the goal for many American families. Since attending an in-state school is one of the best ways to shave a significant amount off the tuition bill, many families are encouraging their college-age kids to remain at home and commute to a nearby campus, or to consider a combination of local campus-based and online courses. If your child is one of the many who will be commuting to a local college or university to save money on tuition and dorm fees, the following tips will help them stay safe during their commute. 

Invest in a pre-winter car checkup

Car trouble is one of the most frequent reasons for commuters of any age to be stranded along the highway. A good plan for preventing this problem is to have the vehicles checked for mechanical issues and serviced just before the winter driving season begins. 

Encourage proper dress 

If the unexpected happens and your college commuter does become stranded during their commute, it is important that they have sufficient clothing and outerwear to protect them from cold weather until help arrives. If your child is unwilling to dress each day with the weather in mind, parents should insist that they keep an extra coat, gloves, boots, and other items of warm clothing in a backpack in the car. 

Maintain proactive communications 

If your child must drive an isolated or treacherous stretch of highway during their commute, parents may want to consider asking them to send a text or make a quick call when they arrive at their destination or whenever they plan to drive a different route. 

Outfit the car with a winter travel kit

The vehicle your college commuter will use to go back and forth in should always be outfitted with a basic winter travel kit. Parents can make a DIY kit with all the things their child needs for safer travel at a very affordable cost. 

Make it easy for your commuter to call for a tow

No matter how well-maintained the car and how carefully your child drives while commuting to and fro, accidents and unexpected car repair issues can strand them along the road. When this happens, the best way to ensure their safety is to make sure they can quickly contact a reputable roadside towing service to rescue them and their vehicle. 

To make sure that your child has the ability to have their car towed quickly in the event of an emergency, parents can partner with a tow company they trust and prepay or provide payment information to cover the probable the cost of the tow. To learn more about setting up this type of protection for your college commuter, contact your local towing company today.