2 Reasons To Call A Towing Service For Car Problems

One of the most useful resources at your disposal if your vehicle ends up dying and leaving you stranded away from home or in the middle of nowhere is a towing service. Listed below are two reasons to contact a towing service if you are experiencing car problems.

Roadside Assistance

Many people tend to assume that all a tow truck will be willing to do when you call them is move a vehicle, but most towing services will be willing to help you get your vehicle up and running. One type of roadside assistance that a towing service will offer is a tire change service if you have a flat tire that you simply cannot remove due to your age, health, or simply because the nuts holding the wheel in place are stripped. In those situations, the towing service can send someone to your location with a wide array of tools that can allow them to easily and quickly change your tire. 

Another type of roadside assistance that a towing service will provide is jumpstarting a dead battery. This service is ideal if you are in the middle of nowhere with no one in sight to ask for help or if you are in an area where you do not feel safe or comfortable approaching strangers for assistance.

In addition, if your vehicle is out of gas, you can let the towing service when you call and they will often bring you a small amount of fuel to get you back on your way without you having to pay for the expense of a tow to the nearest gas station. A nice added bonus is that some auto insurance policies will cover the expense of calling a towing service for roadside assistance.

Towing Assistance

If you find that your car is completely dead and simply cannot be driven again after attempting to jumpstart or refuel it, then a towing service will be willing to tow your vehicle wherever you like. During the day, you can use this service to get your vehicle to your preferred mechanic or auto shop so that repairs can begin immediately. However, if your vehicle broke down in the middle of the night or you cannot afford to repair your vehicle at this time, then you can simply have the tow truck take you and your vehicle to your home to store it until repairs can begin. 

Contact a towing service today in order to discuss the many ways in which they will be able to help you with a car that has broken down. These services can provide both roadside and towing assistance as needed.