Hauling Your Car Across The Country: Benefits Of Flatbed Towing

If you need to get a vehicle hauled across the country, you need to make sure you have reliable equipment that can haul your car or truck to its final destination safely. While you can rent car dollies from your local truck rental facility, these are not always the wisest choice. Flatbed towing provides many benefits that placing your car on a dolly doesn't, especially when you are traveling far distances.

Hauling safety

The largest difference between flatbed towing and towing with a car dolly is how the vehicle is hooked up for hauling. With a dolly, the car's front tires are hooked to the hauling equipment and kept off the road, leaving the real wheels on the pavement for hauling. Flatbed towing involves placing the entire vehicle on a trailer so none of the tires touch the ground. Each version of towing requires hooks and chains to secure the vehicle in place, but flatbed towing may be much safer of an option since none of your vehicle is exposed to the roadway.

Better control

If you hit a pothole or swerve on the road and your car is on a dolly, it swerves and hits potholes right along with you since 2 of its tires are on the roadway. If your vehicle is on a flatbed, however, it has that protection of being off the roadway directly. This allows you to have better hauling control for your vehicle by keeping it out of the way of road dangers, which can help prevent tire blowouts and other issues while traveling. You can provide better control of your vehicle while it's being hauled if you allow a professional tow truck driver to haul your vehicle for you, rather than trying to attempt to move your car yourself.

Wear and tear

If your vehicle is newer, vintage, or you want it to remain in healthy condition for as long as possible, you have the right to be concerned about driving your car across the country. Hauling your vehicle by dolly can reduce some wear on the engine, but can place damage on your car's axles and tires since part of it is still on the ground. Wear and tear prevention is best made with flatbed towing where none of your vehicle is exposed to the roadway. Have your car covered with a tarp to prevent scratches, debris, or other damage while it is in transit.

You can choose to rent a flatbed trailer for towing your vehicle or you can hire a towing company to provide the long-distance moving service for you. Keeping your vehicle in its best condition both on and off the road is something you want to consider when moving across the country, which is why flatbed towing can be so beneficial to your move. Contact a towing company like Stuckman Salvage, Inc. for more information.