Keeping Your Family Safe When Waiting For A Tow

If you just had an incident occur where your vehicle has become immobilized during a trip, and you are in an unfamiliar location, keeping yourself and your passengers safe will be your first priority. The best way to obtain help when your vehicle is no longer able to be driven is by giving a call to a towing service. While waiting for its arrival, there are a few steps you can take to ensure your party is safe.

Stay Inside Your Vehicle To Reduce Injury Risk

Instead of getting out of your vehicle on a busy highway or area where crime may be present, stay inside until help arrives. When calling the towing company, give them detailed information regarding your location so they do not waste precious time in coming to your aid. Calling the police is also best so they are aware your vehicle may be a hazard to others on the roadway. They may send a patrol car to wait for the tow truck with you.

Be Courteous To Those Who May Stop To Help

When waiting for your tow truck to arrive, you may be confronted by another person to see if you are in need of assistance. Instead of making yourself vulnerable to a potential predator, roll down your window and inch or two and politely thank them for their concern. Let them know you had alerted authorities in addition to a tow company so they will move along.

Make Your Vehicle Seen By Others On The Road

It is a good idea to turn on your hazard lights if your vehicle breaks down during daytime hours. This will alert those on the road that your vehicle is in distress, allowing them to move over so they do not hit it as they pass by. If it is dark outdoors, putting on your hazard lights can actually cause your vehicle to be at more risk of being hit. Most people will slow down when they see flashing lights at night, but they may think you are merely driving slowly, causing them to hit you if they do not slow down enough in time. Instead, put on your interior lights to make your vehicle visible. 

For more tips, reach out to a local tow truck company like Niemans Service Inc. They can help you understand some of the other best practices for when you are waiting for a tow.