4 Tips On Dealing With The Unexpected On Your Road Trip

If you're going on a road trip this summer, there are a few tricks and tips you need. You never know when the unexpected is going to happen, and you need to be prepared. Here are four tips so you can handle any road trip problem:

1. Keep a spare tire

The first essential on your road trip list should be a spare tire. If you have a spare tire already, inspect the tire to make sure it's properly inflated and has good tread. The other side of the equation is knowing how to change a tire. You should know the procedure and practice changing a tire at least twice before your trip. Here's how to change your tire:

  • Remove the hub cap and use a wrench to loosen the lug nuts. Don't completely remove the nuts.
  • Place your car jack in the spot that is recommended for your car's make and model. Consult your owner's manual. Use the jack to lift your car about 6 inches.
  • Use the wrench to completely remove the lug nuts. Place the lug nuts in the hub cap so you won't lose them.
  • Pull the tire straight towards yourself to remove it.
  • Align the spare tire with the posts and push the tire in place as far as it will go.
  • Screw the lug nuts in place, but make sure they're still a little loose.
  • Use the jack to lower the car completely.
  • Completely tighten the nuts and put the hub cap on. Place the tire jack, wrench, and flat tire in your trunk.

2. Sign up for towing services

Even if you have a reliable car, you never know when a breakdown may occur. Nothing ruins a fun road trip like being stuck on the side of the road, so sign up for towing services. Your auto insurance company may offer roadside assistance, or you can sign up through AAA or another roadside assistance company. Towing services don't just cover towing. Here are a few of the other services that are included:

  • Gas delivery
  • Unlocking your car
  • Battery charge if your car's battery dies

3. Know exactly where you're going

Knowing where you're going on your road trip will keep you from getting lost. Make sure your phone and GPS is fully charged before you head out on your trip. Study your route carefully and make sure there are plenty of stops for gas. Print out the directions and take screenshots of your phone's directions, just in case your phone loses the signal. Also, keep a map handy so you can find your way back to your intended route if you end up taking a wrong turn.

4. Have cash stowed in your car

Have about $100 in cash stored somewhere in your car. This cash can be a lifesaver if your wallet or purse gets stolen and you need gas or food. Cash is also necessary for tolls and parking. Cash will even become useful in case you need to visit a laundromat for clean clothes.

These four tips will help you in case of an emergency on your road trip.

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